Mallendrackus Forge

Male Human Warlock from Iskenduron


Mallendrackus was born in a small fishing village near the coast. His mother, Nadia, raised him on her own, and taught him from an early age the benefits of hard work. He started helping with fishing when he was six, and continued on until he was 16 or so. His mother was very distant with him—she didn’t really show much affection.

When Mallendrackus was 11, he started asking Nadia about his father. She told him he had died after she became pregnant, and he was named after his father. Other children steer away from him, not for any particular reason to him, but they get a “funny feeling” around him.

When he turned 13, puberty began and he began to notice he could affect things with his emotions and speech. Sometimes strange words would come out of his mouth and objects around him would shatter. He hid this from everyone, including his mom.

However, Nadia was aware of what was happening, because Mallendrackus’s father had also been a powerful warlock. After finding out she was pregnant, she left Mallendrackus’s father, since she feared he would raise the boy to be evil.

When Mallendrackus was 16, a band of warriors came to their town, and killed everyone, except him. The leader of the group claimed to be his father, and he told Mallendrackus he should come with him. Mallendrackus, fearing for his life and watching his mother die, ran and escaped into the wilderness.

He has basically been a drifter since that day, taking odd jobs and even mercenary jobs as the years roll by. This is why he’s in the town the main adventure starts in.

Mallendrackus Forge

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